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L'ambulatorio, particolarmente chirurgia plastica, una forma di art. Effettuiamo i capolavori nella sala operatoria. Abbiamo cominciato ottenere pazienti internazionali/globali per chirurgia plastica in 2006. Accogliamo favorevolmente questa nuova tendenza per la nostra pratica della chirurgia plastica di Modesto.

Welcome to our Idea Gateway.  We are testing out ideas here. This website has been in development since 15/01/2007 by Calvin Lee, MD for Prelude to Perfection, Inc, a future subsidiary of Surgical Artistry, Inc. (and at this point imaginary)

The objective of Prelude to Perfection, Inc is to develop products for home use which will assist in sculpting your goals of self improvement.  Surgical Artistry, Inc was created in 26/02/06.  It is synonymous with Tzuying Tammy Wu, MD, Inc.   The company started out as the latter, then changed its name to the former.  Prelude to Perfection, Inc has not yet been established.  The ambition for Prelude to Perfection is to be a international brand, specializing in high end skin products and others hand held cosmetic devices such as home lasers.  It should be the stradivarius of home based cosmetic products; thus the connection with Italy.

Surgical Artistry, Inc includes two practices; one for plastic surgery and the other for acupuncture, veins and general surgery.  Both of these practice are headed by medical doctors in the USA.  Dr. Tammy Wu is the medical director and plastic surgeon.  Dr. Calvin Lee practices General Surgery with an emphasis on breast cancer, hernia, and gallbladder.  Furthermore he adds on a "healing with steel" component of vein injections and acupuncture.  Even with the two practices, the overall priority and inclination of the practice is plastic surgery.

Surgery, especially plastic surgery, is a form of art.  We perform masterpieces in the operating room.  We started getting international / global patients for Plastic Surgery in 2006.  We welcome this new trend for our Modesto Plastic Surgery practice.

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